Charmant is back!
at EANS 2023 Congress.
This year in Barcelona Spain in collaboration with IQ Group, showcasing latest developments of the best surgeon oriented devices including hybrid micro-scissors and other instruments, surgical support system and accessories. We humbly invite those who perform the most minute and precise surgical procedures to stop by our booth and hold our products in your hands.

Period:Sep 24(Sun)-28(Thu), 2023
Venue:Palau de Congressos de Barcelona.
Booth : #53
Website :
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), an agency of the United Nations, has certified Charmant's products such as medical devices and personal protective equipment as "ergonomics-based medical assistive devices produced through superior metal joining and processing technique".
For more information, please visit the UNIDO’s website at
StealthShield, a true CE certified face shield
Announcing a CE certified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from CHARMANT StealthShield “Standard”, “Pro” and “Comb” are three new models of face shield to serve people in different professions and scenes including healthcare, services, offices together with essential social functions.
Full size shield features amazing 99% transmittance, ultra-low reflectance and anti-fogging treatment in order to provide fatigue-free wearing comfort thanks to CHARMANT's wearer-centered frame technologies combined. They are worn over optical frame and replaceable film allows users to control waste. With StealthShield, uses wear the shield comfortably and see and be-seen better.

European Safety Federation posted a notice regarding suspicious certificates for PPE - updated 15/03/2021.
Showcase at CNS Austin TX, 16-20 October 2021. Through collaboration with its Cincinnati based distributor ACE Medical Co , CHARMANT’s surgeon-centered micro surgical instruments along with Fukushima Universal Holding System will be presented at booth #954 in the exhibition hall of the Annual Meeting.
Website :
Exhibit at CMEF Autumn 2021 in China very first time in collaboration with Guangzhou based distributor Joinmed Medical Technology Co Ltd. Showcased latest developments of surgeon oriented devices include micro-instruments, surgical support system and accessories and instruments for robot assisted surgery etc.
Period:Oct 13(Thu)-16(Sun), 2021
Place:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Booth : H43 in Hall 10, Japan Pavilion.
Website :
2020. 07. 2
Introducing new face shield
Charmant is pleased to announce the launch of two new face shield products. These new products are aimed to support the shortage of personal protective equipment in recent pandemic situation. Both ClariShield" and "CHARMANT Shield" are designed to serve the needs of not only the medical professionals, but also of other professions in various scenes. Charmant's experience of eyeglass manufacturing and study of human head shape are put together in these shields, resulting in soft and comfortable fit. Online purchasing is available in Japan; oversea shipping is soon to commence, please wait for further announcements."Click here to watch video of CHARMANT Shield."
2019. 11.19
Thammasat Neurosurgery's Workshop 2020
Very first time in Thailand, CHARMANT Neuro instruments will be presented during the Endoscopic-Skullbase Cadaveric and Live Surgery Workshop January 11-14, 2020 at Thammasat University, Bangkok., the event endorsed by the Royal College of Neurological Surgeons of Thailand(RCNST).
2019. 11. 05
AANSIM 2019 (Annual Conference of The Neurological Society of India,)
By courtesy of Boston Ivy Healthcare Solutions, CHARMANT's advanced Neuro instruments will be showcased during December
5th- 8th at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai, India.
2019. 07. 10
Subcortical Surgery Group (CO, U.S.A.)
CHARMANT debuts at the 6th Annual Meeting, July 26-27.
The latest models of hybrid microscissors and other surgical instruments will be showcased at St Julien Hotel in Boulder, CO.
2019. 07. 20
Very first time for Europe, CHARMANT exhibits at EANS in September 25-27. The latest models of highly advanced surgical instruments are to be showcased at the stand #21 along with Fukushima Holding System(surgical support system - see also the news below dated 06.10 for a how-to-install video)
We welcome you for touch & feel at The Convention Center Dublin.
2019. 06.10
Fukushima Holding System ~ “How to install” movie now available
By courtesy of Prof. Takanori Fukushima, a video instruction is now available under the button of Care and handling in “Partnering” for how to mount the Fukushima Holding System for neurosurgery.
2019. 01.18
Showcase at 2nd ICCN in Mumbai,India, 25-27 January 2019.
By courtesy of Boston Ivy Healthcare Solutions, CHARMANT's advanced Neuro instruments will be showcased second time in India. Come touch and feel the highest Japanese quality during the exhibition.See you in Mumbai!
2018. 12.05
Exhibit at NSICON 2018(India)
Very first time in India, CHARMANT instruments will be officially showcased at the booth(12&13) of CBC CORPORATION (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd in the 67th Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India 13/12-16 held in Jaipur City. .
2018. 09.17
Exhibit at Sinch 2018(Italy)
CHARMANT instruments will be presented first time in Italy in collaboration with Neuromed at at the 67th National Congress of the Italian Neurosurgical Society during 09/19-21 held in historical city Ancona.
2018. 09.07
Showcase at 14rd Asia-Oceanian Skull Base Societies Congress 2018, Taichung(台中) 21-23 September
By courtesy of Border RayAnn Corp, CHARMANT's advanced Neuro instruments will be showcased very first time in Taiwan. Come touch and feel the highest Japanese quality during the exhibition.See you in Taichung!
2018. 08.20
Exhibit at CNS 2018(China)
Very first time in China, CHARMANT instruments will be officially showcased at the booth of Cicel (Beijing) Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. in the 17th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Neurosurgical Society 09/07-09 held in Taiyuan City.
2018. 07.01
Launch in China
CHARMANT surgical instruments are now available in mainland China through a Beijing based and experienced distribution partner, Cicel (Beijing) Science & Technology Co.,Ltd who is committed to bringing the most advanced technology to Chinese surgeons.
2018. 03.12
Exhibit at AANS 2018
CHARMANT will welcome you at our AANS 2018 booth #1625. The industry's latest designs, variety of Hybrid microscissors and more will be showcased.Please come touch and feel the CHARMANT instruments of unique design and high performance.We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans.
2018. 03.01
Showcase at 33rd Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ophthalmic Congress 2018, Malaysia 03/16-18
By courtesy of Eye Nation Medical Sdn.Bhd, CHARMANT's advanced ophthalmic instruments will be showcased very first time in Malaysia. Come touch and feel the highest Japanese quality during the exhibition.See you in Malacca! [URL]
2018. 02.02
CHARMANT ClariShield launch
Launched for the international market is optimal clarity shield combined with ergonomically designed chassis, minimizing the risk of contamination and/or infection. More information[PDF].
2017. 09. 30
The Medica 2017 special page opens.
Exhibits at Medica in Hall13, 13A58. We look forward to new collaborations.
Exhibit at ICCVS 2017 Nagoya Oct 27-29
CHARMANT welcomes you at our booth in the upcoming International Conference on Cerebrovascular Surgery. Touch and feel the most advanced hybrid microscissors and other instruments while you are in Nagoya.
Exhibit in AANS 2017
CHARMANT will exhibit in AANS very first time. The industry's latest designs, variety of Hybrid microscissors will be showcased along with other neuro instruments of unique design and high performance. We look forward welcoming you at the booth #1142.
The CHARMANT Medical Division Official Website is renewed.
Exhibit in WFSBS 2016

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Dedicated to providing products to lead the most advanced clinical procedures and improve surgical outcomes for better QOL.

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Advanced technology and uncompromised manufacturing ensure the most reliable quality, combining state-of-the-art digital processes and craftsmanship.

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Products are highly tactile and provide peak performance as a result of innovative engineering and expertise in the field of premier titanium product development.
(Long lasting cutting quality and dramatically reduced maintenance for neuro microscissors)

*Hybrid microscissors(neuro surgery)